7: Knowledge is Power

Perhaps the number two key to my dedication to this lifestyle change, after the 4 disciplines of execution, is realization of the science of this method weight loss. I’ve never really been a studious person, however having someone explain the science in a way that makes sense to me  encourages me that, if I follow the process, it will work for me. When someone simply tells me what to do,  I am less likely to take action then if they explain to me why it will work. If it makes sense to me, even if I don’t fully understand it and can’t explain it to you, I am more likely to take action.

This is the reason that I appreciate both Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Eric Berg.  Both men give great explanations of the science for the foods and actions they endorse, and the way they present the information brings me a base understanding of what is happening when the body is in ketosis or autophagy, why I need vitamin K2 with D3, the benefits of cruciferous veggies, etc. 

I may not retain the detailed science, yet knowing there is science leads me to take action.

Rather than trying to explain some key concepts in my incomplete understanding, I’ll link to a few videos that demonstrate what I’m talking about. If you want to know more about a specific topic, search YouTube and use either Thomas DeLauer or Dr. Eric Berg along with the topic you want information on. Or click links in sidebar to visit their home pages. Below are a few examples from each teacher.

Dr. Berg on Grass Fed Foods & Keto For Your Brain

Thomas DeLauer on Keto vs Low-carb & Reading Labels