Life & Retirement Planning Made Simple, Because Your Legacy Matters

Solution: Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Problem: My life insurance pays when I die. What if I have a heart attack or stroke (or other critical illness) and I survive?


Solution: Flexible Education Savings Plans

Problem: I don't want all my child's savings in a 529 plan - what if they don't go to college, or what if they qualify for scholarships?


Solution: A Tax-free Retirement Income Stream

Problem: When I retire, will I to be able to afford the lifestyle I want, after I pay taxes on my withdrawals? Will my taxes be higher or lower?


Solution: Smart Planning For Business Continuation

Problem: What happens to my business if I die or become sick? What if I lose an important employee to sickness or death?


Life Insurance Solutions For: Mortgage Protection; Home Equity Protection; Final Needs; Income Replacement; Business Continuation; Retirement Planning

Peace of Mind

Good Life Agency serves individuals , families & businesses with plans that give peace of mind. The day-to-day stresses of providing for your family are enough, without the worry that a major illness, or worse, could leave your loved ones financially devastated. 

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